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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happiness Books

Happiness Books

There are many things that can make us happy, but when you are depressed it can be hard to remember those things. This directive is designed to help people remember once more.

Deborah R. Davis, ATR-BC, LPC, "Creativity Matters: Art and Therapy, LLC"


Create a book that reminds you of what makes you happy. You can either brainstorm ideas first, writing them down on a separate piece of paper, or just come up with them as you go along. The book can be one you create, or you can choose an old book that you would like to "alter" (painting the pages, collaging over the pages, putting Gesso down and then writing or painting on the white canvas). This blog entry will talk about the different ways you can create a Happiness Book.



Creating a Book = If you are making a book from scratch, choose paper (can be of whatever width you may have handy, or what you prefer - the thicker the paper, the more it will withstand normal use), glue sticks, scissors, markers, ribbon, and a hole-punch.

Altering a Book = If you are making a Happiness Book by altering an existing book, choose a book that may be old or one that the library is giving away or selling. Get gesso to put on the pages if you want to make new pages, or leave the gesso off the page and simply add to what is already there (this can be fun with books that already have a lot of pictures). Get magazines that you like, to cut out images of what makes you happy. Also, use scissors, glue, stickers, ribbon, feathers, glitter, or any other items you think would be fun to put in to your altered book.

Step 1 = Clear a space to set your materials. Cut out the size that you want your book to be, and the number of pages. Then, choose which side of your book will have the holes for the ribbon or string to go through in order to bind your book together, then punch the holes in each piece of paper. Before you tie the book together go do step 2 first.
Step 2 = Start with your front page. Design it how you would like. Make sure it says somewhere on the front "My Happiness Book". Use the markers to write and put designs on the page, or print out words or images, then cut and paste them on the front page.
Step 3 = For page 1, choose one of the items that you have precut out from a magazine or printed out from a computer, or draw an image that represents what makes you happy. Continue this for page 2, 3, 4, and so on.

Step 4 = Once you have filled up all the pages with images, words, and designs that you like, put all the pages together and bind your book. Take the ribbon or string and put it through the holes that you hole punched out first. Tie it up in a bow or a knot.
Step 5 = Take your Happiness Book and go show it to someone important to you that you trust will appreciate what you have created. Read it to them, and share about what makes you happiest. The more we share about what is positive in our lives and that makes us happy, the more we will experience being happy ourselves.

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