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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stress Dolls

Stress Dolls
(Otherwise known as a “Dang-it Doll”)
Art Therapy Directive

            Yarn or string                                      Scissors

            Wooden frame or Stick                       Colorful Pipe Cleaners
            Paper                                                   Elmer’s Glue or Glue Gun

            Pens or Markers
            Sometimes we get “stressed out”. Life can be busy and full of challenges. We may begin to feel like we have no way to relax or reduce the tension that builds up during the day. This activity is designed to help reduce stress and is done through making a “Stress Doll”. Instead of holding the stress, you get to take it out on the doll. This is done through manipulating it, playing with it, or just pounding it on the table.
            Take the wooden stick and create a body shape using the pipe cleaners for arms and legs. Begin to wrap the body with the string or yarn you have. Create a shirt, skirt/pants, and hair. Cut out a circle from the paper and draw a face on it. Glue the face to the head of the doll. Add whatever details you would like that will give the doll the personality you want.

Reflection/Processing Questions:
1)  What are the issues that the doll represents?

2)  How does it feel to be able to take out your frustrations on the doll?

3)  How is taking your feelings out on the doll ok, versus taking your feelings out on other people?

4)  What would be other helpful ways for you to let go of your stress/anger/frustration?

Expressive Outcome Possibilities:

1)  Person(s) will be able to be creative and expressive.

2)  Person(s) will be able to explore and experience different art media.

3)  Person(s) will be able to become more aware of themselves and how to deal with negative emotions in healthy ways.

Web-Sites to Check Out:
How to Make Stress Dolls - http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Stress-Doll

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