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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Magic Creation

My Magic Creation

Art Therapy Directive

1)  This directive can be used to increase self-esteem and creativity.

2)  Supplies:  Crayola Model Magic, acrylic paint, paint brushes, markers, glue, sequence, feathers, beads, scraps of ribbon and/or fabric, etc.

3)  Instructions:

* Create a sculpture of any object(s) you like.

* It can be one object, or more.

* Let it dry over night (24 hours), then paint it or use markers to add color. 

* Glue sequence, feathers, and anything that will make it special to you.

* Once your magic creation is complete, take out a piece of paper and write a story. Imagine that this item has mysteriously come in to your life and changed it.  What happens?  Use your imagination and have fun with the story.  It should be at least a paragraph long, and no longer than a single page.

* Share your story and your magical creation with the group.

3)  Follow-up Questions:

            * What object did you create?

            * What is it about your story that you like?

            * What is it about your story that you do not like?

            * If you could change your story, would you?  If yes, how?

1)  Create a mythical creature.

2)  Make a diorama out of model magic and a shoe box - to reinact a drama.

3)  Make "Dream", "Relax", and/or "Inspire" Balls.

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