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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Intuitive Freedom Cards

Intuitive Freedom Cards 
A Variation on Soul Collage Cards


This process developed after doing supervision with Libby Schmanke, ATR-BC. She is a Soul Collage facilitator in Lawrence, Kansas, as well as my mentor and supervisor. After doing one of her Soul Collage Card trainings, I realized that something was missing for me. I wanted to also access words, as well as images. So, I developed my own process. This blog entry will describe a bit about the creator of the Soul Collage Card process, as well as the modification of using words for this art therapy directive. It is my belief that using images accesses the right side of the brain, while words access the left, thus creating more stimulation in the entire brain. This causes more processing and thus more healing.

The History of Soul Collage
         Seena B. Frost created the Soul Collage Cards idea.

         For this process, only Trained Facilitators can guide others in this process.
         She described why these cards were so powerful by saying that images come “straight through the Soul, bypassing the mind.”

These are a few YouTube videos of the Soul Collage author and the process:

Development of Intuitive Freedom Cards
         These cards are structurally the same on the collage side.
         On the back side of the card, it is given a title and theme, then signed and dated.
         The cards are also made by allowing the issue currently being struggled with to come out naturally in the collage, then explored further on the back of the card.

       Mat Board cut down in to 4 x 6 Mat Cards
       Glue Sticks
       Magazines to cut out images

         Begin by looking through magazines you are drawn to.
         Cut out images that speak to you.
         Arrange those images in a 4 x 6 space and then glue them on to the card when you are ready to place the images how you want them.

On the Back, Give the Card a…
         Under that, write down “I Am One Who…” (and finish it with whatever comes to mind for you).
         Fill the rest of the back of the card with a description of issue expressed in the collage (on the front side of the card).

Creating the Card
         Either choose an issue to create a card about…
         Or, create the card and then see how it fits in to the issues you have currently going on in your life.
         Cathartic Action – “Whoosh”
         Containment – “Safe”

         Work on turning off the inner critic.
         Start the card only when you feel ready.
         Relax and “allow” it to come.
         Have fun with this process, rather than “make” it happen.
         Let it flow out of you without filter.

         SoulCollage: An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Group

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