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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Before and After Collages

Before and After Collages
An Art Therapy Directive

Goal of Activity:

To increase client’s awareness of self-care during the healing process, and increase client's motivation to follow through with self-care behaviors.

Age Level:

All ages.

Suggested Time Allowance:

20-25 minutes for task, 15-20 minutes for processing and feedback.


To increase client’s self-awareness.

To encourage self-acknowledgment for accomplishment of rehabilitation.

To have clients experience increased self-esteem.


Construction paper, magazines (National Geographic are my favorite, but you can find images in just about any magazine) or precut pictures, glue, scissors, and markers or pens.


                   1)      Have clients choose a piece of construction paper.

                   2)      Explain that the first collage will be “How well you took care of yourself when stressed out or in crisis.” 

3)      Have them cut out pictures from magazines and paste them on to the construction paper.  It can be pictures or words/sentences/quotes.

4)      After approximately ten minutes, have them flip the collage over and tell them, “Now, this collage will represent how you can take care of yourself when in crisis.”

Process Questions:

1)  What are the differences between both collages?

2)  Which side do you feel more self-esteem?

3)  What can you do that will help you feel more self-esteem more often?

1 comment:

  1. I am confused. The first collage is “How well you took care of yourself when stressed out or in crisis.”
    What is the second collage? From the directives you give only one.. Please explain.